Sell Your Home - But Beware Hidden Cost

Sellers Beware!!! You put your home up for accepted an offer...and now it's time to close.

You'll want to be sure to check your HUD-1 statement (or remind your real estate agent) for an additional cost that some buyer agents are charging sellers.

That's right...the buyer agency for the people who are buying your home are charging YOU a transaction fee upward of $250 for their services!

How do you ensure this won't happen to you? When accepting an offer or making a counteroffer, have your agent add verbage to the effect that Seller will NOT pay any buyer agency transaction fees or additional commission fees other than that listed on the MLS.

Make sure your Realtor protects you from additional fees. If the buyer agency fee shows up on your HUD-1 statement and you catch it, your closing may be delayed in order to change it. So, take care of this precaution (and actually, your agent should be doing this) before it creates a problem.