Home buyers searching for their next luxury or upper end homes have certain expectations they are demanding to be met in order to purchase a new home.  If a luxury home seller wants the make the best first impression and appeal to critical luxury homebuyers, the following five simple steps should be followed.

1.     Overpricing

Luxury homebuyers are able to buy high-end homes because they are savvy investors.  There is no way they would ever make a bad investment by buying a home that is overpriced.  Overpricing of a home says to the buyer that the seller has unrealistic expectations.  Therefore, they won't even bother making an offer or will not even look at an overpriced property.  Sellers need a Realtor who understands how to properly price upper-bracket homes.

2.     Bad Staging

Cluttered rooms, old furniture and pictures of your family turnoff a buyer.  You would be amazed how your favorite furniture, like an old sofa, can end up making your house look old and dated.  The home needs to be "de-personalized" in order to prepare it for the new buyers and your Realtor can assist you or refer you to a professional who specializes in staging homes for sale.

3.     Poor Maintenance

A yard with weeds or unraked leaves, interior and exterior lights that don't work, and carpeting that is dirty says to a potential buyer that you haven't cared for your home.  This will, in turn, make them wonder what major things might be wrong with the home below the surface.  If you can't or don't have the time to keep up on the maintenance, hire someone to do it.

4.     Odor

Probably the biggest way to make a bad first impression is to have a foul odor in your home.  Many times, while showing clients prospective homes, I have unlocked the front door only to overpowered by extreme pet urine odors.  Most of the time, my clients would not even enter the home.  Trying to cover up a bad odor with plug-in air fresheners only makes it worse.  Don't cook funny smelling foods prior to showings and be sure to take out the garbage and put pet beds, kennels, and litter boxes in the garage.

5.     Bad Real Estate Photos

Quality photos should be considered one of the most important aspect of the Realtor's marketing plan.  I am astonished every day when sellers list their home with agents that use cheap photography or even worse...take their own photos.  Quality, professional photos is the best way to have your home stand out from the competing listings online.

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