The Four Reasons Not to Buy a Home in the Winter

Can you purchase a new home now while interest rates are still low and there are great deals during the Holidays or do you think you need to wait until Spring?  If you're planning to wait it out, it must be because of one of the following four reasons.

1.     You Want to Pay More

Waiting for everyone else in your area to get up off the sofa and decide to jump in the market to start looking for a new home, you will pay the price.  Really!  Sellers who have their homes for sale during the Holiday months...October through January...are extremely serious and motivated.  This works in your favor (the savvy buyer) who is looking to get a deal on a discounted home.

2.     You Like Competition

Of course, you are not the only ones who desire to get through the Holiday season and the winter before taking on a massive life change with a move to a new home.  Spring is called the buying season for a's when buyers list their home and look for another, hoping that the timing of the finding, selling and moving all line up perfectly timewise, when the kids are out of school.  Makes sense...which is why everyone does it.  That's exactly why you should be doing it now...which few people are!  Less competition from other buyers during the Holidays might mean you'll be able to negotiate a more favorable price for the home you want to purchase.
Winter is a Buyers' Market! 
With less competition and fewer house-hunters, the winter months give you an opportunity to get a good deal.  Not only are asking prices lower, you'll find fewer instances of multiple offers occurring, as they did over the Spring and early Summer months.

3.     You Hate Getting a Great Deal

There is a tendency for sellers to avoid the end of the year...due to the short days, wintry weather, holiday parties and their perception that homebuyers are occupied.  However, those who do choose to sell their homes at the end of the year are often under pressure and highly motivated to cut a deal.  That's why the year-end might be a smart time for you to buy!

4.     You Want to Wait For Interest Rates to Go UP
Who cares if the current interest rates are at extremely low levels, but are projected to go up next year?  You've already established you're okay with the idea of paying more!  (See Items 1-3).  The Holiday season may be the last time to lock in a low loan rate that could potential start to climb in 2016.
Relaxing with a plate of goodies, some egg nog, and a holiday movie sounds great.  But, you know what would sound even better?  Relaxing in your new home knowing you made a great investment.  The ability to kick up your feet isn't going anywhere, but the ideal house with the perfect layout that just listed in your desire neighborhood for a reasonable price definitely is!  That movie can wait...but will that perfect home you've been dreaming of still be there when it's over?
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